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La Canada Hearing Aids & Audiology is a premier audiology practice in La Canada, California, offering a wide range of services including hearing testing, hearing aid fittings, tinnitus management, custom earmolds, and more. The clinic is led by Dr. Kevin Ivory, a highly experienced audiologist and university instructor, who has been serving the community since 2007.

The clinic is known for its commitment to patients, providing one of the best hearing healthcare experiences in the area. They believe that everyone deserves to maintain healthy hearing throughout their life to stay engaged, active, and alert. That is why they utilize the ListeningBrain® system of Audiology care, which incorporates a holistic hearing approach with Best Practices in hearing care.

In addition to the in-clinic services, Dr. Ivory also offers in-home and concierge audiology service options for the convenience of his patients. The clinic has received numerous positive reviews from patients, highlighting the personalized care, quality of service, and the effectiveness of the hearing aids fitted.


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La Canada Hearing Aids & Audiology
Verified Patient Reviews

I can't say enough great things about Dr. Ivory! To start out my father has hearing loss that started about 10 years ago. He's had the 'Lamborghini' of hearing aid and he's also tried mid level aids (as far as expense goes). Nothing worked well enough! Crowded places became a problem and eventually all situations became a battle to stay engaged in the conversation. My dad enjoyed nothing more than going to a bar and 'shooting the bull' with friends and family...We were losing my dad! My mom has Parkinson's and her voice is getting increasingly softer... making it very difficult for the two of them to communicate at all! My dad complained that he felt like the hearing aids 'plugged' his ears and not helped. He went often to get his ears cleaned in case that was the issue. We went to specialist at UCI and multiple hearing specialist with very little help. I did a deep google search for someone who could 'custom' fit hearing aids and found Dr. Ivory! From the minute I called the office and spoke to Dr. Ivory himself he was professional and realistic! He didn't guarantee a miracle but he did think he could help. We made an appointment and made the hour drive... it was worth it! He did tests that had not been done before at any of the facilities we had gone to previously! He stated 'it's unfortunate that you hadn't had these tests done, as they should be standard practice.' After testing and consulting we were given options of hearing aids... they are definitely not free but they do come with a trial basis to determine the efficacy! He followed up several times with my dad and continues to reach out and adjust things if need be! We are beyond grateful to have my dad back in the conversation and for him to hear my mom's voice again! Thank you!


Verified Review

I am delighted to share my experience with Dr. Ivory and his hearing aid service. From the moment I walked into his office, I was impressed by the professionalism and a genuine passion for helping people hear better, and his expertise was evident from the start. During my consultation, Dr. Ivory took the time to thoroughly assess my hearing needs, patiently answering all of my questions and addressing any concerns I had. His comprehensive approach left me feeling confident that I was in good hands. When it came time to choose my hearing aids, Dr. Ivory guided me through the options, explaining the features and benefits of each model in detail. He took into account my lifestyle and preferences, ensuring that I selected the perfect device for my needs. Now that I have my new hearing aids, I feel I am in good hands with any further needs I have in future.


Verified Review

By my late-70's, my hearing had deteriorated badly and my previous hearing aids -- testament to "you get what you pay for" -- were no longer adequate. Thanks to recommendations from 4 good friends, I consulted Dr Kevin Ivory. I have nothing but positive comments: professional, clear, explanations, state-of-the-art testing, diligent trials and fitting, concerned follow-up and "a perfectionist". I'm now 30 days in with my new aids, my quality of life has much improved, and both I -- and more importantly, my wife --- are 100% satisfied . Richard Slater, Pasadena.


Verified Review

In my experience Dr. Ivory always been helpful and friendly. He is readily available and responsive to email questions. He does not push you to buy new equipment. I would recommend him without hesitation.


Verified Review

Dr. Ivory is very thorough and careful. In addition, he is extremely conscientious in his follow up.


Verified Review

True Professional ~ Best service and attention I've had, 30 years a user of aids. Thank you, Dr. Ivory.


Verified Review

Dr. Ivory was absolutely marvelous. He put me through Tests that I've never had before and the hearing aids he gave me are working beautifully. I can unequivocally recommend him to anyone.


Verified Review

I had many reservations about investing in hearing aids, especially it was myself. It turned out t be the best money spent. Dr Ivory was suburb in listening and responding. There was immediate trust in our Dr, patient relation due to his knowledge and confidence. I'm very happy I canceled my appointment with hear. com and used Dr Ivory services. Than you Dr Ivory.


Verified Review

My first visit and it went well.  Dr Ivy is attentive and understands my needs for a hearing aide. I am looking forward to continue the process of improvements in my understanding and hearing.


Verified Review

Dr. Ivory has been wonderful to work with. He is responsive and always gets back to you when you need an answer or if you have a concern. I trust his professionalism and knowledge of audiology. I'm glade to have found Dr. Ivory and La Canada Audiology.


Verified Review

Knowledgable, patient, and thorough -- that was my experience getting my first hearing aids with Dr. Ivory.


Verified Review

Availability, professionalism, care of patients. I highly recommend Dr. Ivory


Verified Review

Kevin is always great at analyzing my hearing needs and works diligently to provide great service.  Thanks.


Verified Review

It was a very good experience. I can now hear better and it makes my husband very happy. Dr. Ivory is very good and very pleasant.


Verified Review

Having previously used hearing aids, I discovered I did not receive any of the good practices Dr ivory uses and really felt cheated. I like the fact Dr Ivory has so many choices of hearing aids and chooses the correct one for my needs. Fantastic experience and someone who really cares about his patients.  Fit is exceptional,  hearing beyond belief, very little follow up and adjustments needed and i hear things I have not heard in years.....a whole new experience for me. My wife and family are so happy they don't have to continually repeat everything they say. Highly recommend Dr Ivory and you will be ecstatic that you chose him after you experience the care and professionalism he possess as well as the correct hearing aid he chooses for you based upon hearing analysis given to you. Since  I can make a comparison, I can truthfully say there is no comparison and wish I had found Dr Ivory 5 years ago and not wasted my money on a hearing aid and company that was worthless. I feel like a new person with my new found hearing and others will to if you make an appointment to see Dr Ivory. Dr Ivory....thank you again for providing me with hearing.


Verified Review

My experience has been excellent. I have been under the care of many audiologists in the past and this time is, by far, the most thorough and personal. I never feel rushed and my many concerns are addressed and dealt with on the spot.  I highly recommend La Canada Hearing and Dr Ivory to anyone who might be thinking about the need for a discussion of their hearing issues.


Verified Review

I'm writing from the perspective of family members since my 97 year old mom received her hearing aides. We are very pleased! Very little miscommunication, misunderstanding and repetition since she received them. We are thrilled!  On her part there is a learning curve and required patience. We still have a ways to go but overall we are quite pleased!


Verified Review

Very informative when answering my questions. On time for the appointments. Yes I would recommend you to friends.


Verified Review

Excellent service by a very professional and knowledgeable Dr. Ivory.


Verified Review

I was shocked at the amount to replace my lost hearing aid !!!!!


Verified Review

I went to La Canada Audiology (chosen from online search and local to my home) because my difficulty hearing was interfering with a lot of conversations. My Kaiser audiology study showed moderately severe "typical" age-related loss, and this was confirmed by Dr. Ivory who recommended a range of hearing aids. He explained the options very well and gave me a measured prediction of what I might benefit from different aids. He recommended and I chose a Starkey with Evolv AI and the Thrive App for Bluetooth control. I am only wearing it for 5-6 weeks and still adapting my brain to learn what I have been missing! I really like it! Bottom line is that can hear a lot more! I ask my wife to repeat her comments only when she truly mumbles; or was not talking to me! And when I can't make out some speech, most of the time she can't either! Gone from our house are the high-volume TV, radio, music outputs! Dr. Ivory addresses all my questions and is a substantial contributor to helping me learn how to get the most out of age-related, reduced hearing in my complex environment. I recommend La Canada Audiology unreservedly to anyone wanting professional help with their personal hearing issues.


Verified Review

I was nervous about getting hearing aids, but Dr. Ivory guided me through each step.  He patiently explained the process and the different options.  I wasnt just handed a pair of hearing aids, but he took the time to fit them specifically to my life style and needs.  I would definitely recommend him.


Verified Review

I’ve been in need of hearing aids for some time. I had bad recommendations from many friends about the problems with them. Dr. Ivory has eliminated my concerns and I can hear again. I highly recommend you try him first. You will be glad you did.


Verified Review

I am a new patient of Dr. Ivory's.  I came to him because my hearing aids needed repair and the large clinic from which I had obtained them showed little interest in anything other than sale of a new pair.  Dr. Ivory was extremely helpful.  He found a new charger for me, and when that did not resolve the problem, he found a technician who performed a repair.  Dr. Ivory is friendly, accommodating and professional.  I look forward to being his patient on a continuing basis.


Verified Review

Dr Ivory has been a Godsend to help me with my hearing loss.  He listens and explains my problem and provides me with excellent hearing aids.  He follows up and is readily available. When I leave him a text message he gets back to me promptly. I recommend him highly..  I recommend him highly as a retired physician.  Jw, MD


Verified Review

Dr Ivory is extremely knowledgeable, efficient and professional I faced a minor emergency- major inconvenience situation Hearing aid lost connection w phone Not able to hear at all on cellphone He squeezed me in for appointment day before he was scheduled to leave on scheduled trip and restored my communication abilities I shall forever me grateful


Verified Review

Dr Ivory is very professional and kind . Great follow up Excellent care !


Verified Review

I needed hearing aids but kept putting it off.  There were so many options I didn’t know where to start.  Finally, I made a great decision by choosing Dr. Ivory.  He takes the time to explain everything and he answers my questions in a way I can understand.  I love that he is easy to get in touch with and is great at returning emails.  His office is pleasant and easily accessible and he has state of the art equipment.  I have had my hearing aids a month and I am sure Dr. Ivory will continue to monitor my hearing progress.  It’s my pleasure to recommend him.


Verified Review

Dr. Ivory sat down with my wife and me and spoke with both of us.  He used the information we gave him to determine what type of hearing aids would help me best for the type of things we do in life.  I found it's really important for the audiologist to know what type of activities and events are important to me.  This allowed him and me to select the aids that go with my lifestyle.  I've found that just buying hearing aids and putting them on is not enough.  I really needed my wife and Dr. Ivory's input to program the aids for ME personally.


Verified Review

I discovered Dr. Kevin Ivory by reading an article about his approach to hearing loss in our local newspaper. My husband has seen other audiologists in the past, but none followed through to find the right hearing aid for my husband. Dr. Ivory ordered a bicros hearing aid and my husband's life changed over night. He has been totally deaf in the left ear for 40 years, and was losing the hearing in his right. My husband can now hear people speaking on his left which has been impossible for four decades. What makes Dr. Ivory remarkable is his research into the hearing-brain connection. And our discussion of the brain's adjustment to improved hearing. Very thankful and appreciative of how Dr. Ivory has improved the quality of my husband's life.


Verified Review

Dr Ivory has been great. He is very knowledgeable in his field and is courteous and patient. Clinic is clean and comfortable. I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of his services.


Verified Review

Hi everyone, my name is Norma R. I wanted to write and tell you,if you need the best care for your ears. Please! visit Dr. Evory he is a great Dr and knows what you need the best with you hearing and very good instruments for your ears. Believe me I feel very lucky to have him as my Dr. and you know why, because he cares about his patients.


Verified Review

La Canada Hearing Aids & Audiology
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