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Lifetime Hearing Clinic is dedicated to providing the highest standard of hearing healthcare. They offer comprehensive hearing evaluations, state-of-the-art hearing aid technology, and personalized care. Their team of professionals is committed to helping individuals improve their hearing and overall quality of life. They provide a range of services including hearing tests, hearing aid fittings, tinnitus management, and more.


1430 W Baddour Pkwy, Suite D Lebanon, TN 37087

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(615) 235-5863

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Lifetime Hearing Clinic
Verified Patient Reviews

I purchased my first hearing aids 13 years ago. A sweet woman in my exercise class at Jimmy Floyd highly recommended Lifetime Hearing clinic. It’s time for new hearing aids. I was so impressed with their expertise, friendliness, and commitment to new and repeat customers. It’s wonderful to hear and it’s great to have their friendly team of employees to work with me.


Verified Review

Excellent service and excellent personality from all the staff


Verified Review

I found Dr. Heather Dooley on the internet over 10 years ago. I was devastated about having to need hearing aids. She changed my mind and made me comfortable immediately. I am so thankful for the high quality of service I get from her and her team. They are friendly as well as professional.


Verified Review

I like Dr Dooley cause my son and daughter went to school with her. She is fine lady to visit her clinic. I trust her and her professional office. Anyone needing hearing-go to Dr Dooley. Bill Head


Verified Review

Dr. Dooley was thorough explaining procedures done at my appointment. She was kind and compassionate for her patients. Jeff B


Verified Review

Heather, Joy, and the staff at the Lebanon Lifetime Hearing Clinic will welcome you with friendly and caring professionalism for any question or concern you may have related to your hearing health. My confidence in their expertise has continued to grow throughout my 10-plus years as a patient/client there. I recommend Dr. Dooley and her staff to anyone needing solutions for hearing issues.


Verified Review

everyone was very friendly and knowledgable and explained everything that was going to be done. Joy was very helpful and we go back a long ways, she's really a great person, glad I found y'a'll thanks very much!


Verified Review

Each time I go into Lifetime Hearing Clinic and see Dr Dooley to get my hearing aids cleaned and checked she takes time to go over any problem I might have and explains what I can do to fix it. She takes a lot of time and does not rush me out. I feel I can always call and have questions answered sometimes without going in to office. I feel I am at the right place and would recommend Lifetime Hearing Clinic to all my friends and you would love it too


Verified Review

Everyone in this office was friendly and showed a good work ethic. Heather is terrific. Yes, I do recommend this clinic to family and friends.


Verified Review

Everyone at Lifetime is fabulous. They are friendly, courteous and helpful. I have recommended them to friends and they say the same. I would recommend them to anyone.


Verified Review

Heather and her associates are always very professional and thorough. I appreciate the time they take to be sure that I am hearing as well as I can. Thanks, too, for the hearing aid batteries and supplies. I am very pleased with this practice.


Verified Review

Very professional people, they go above and beyond to meet your needs.


Verified Review

Dr. Dooley and her team are the best. I was pleasantly amazed at the amount of time spent with me during the testing and explaining of the results. Dr. Dooley is an exceptional professional I believe to be very trustworthy and sincere. Thank you Dr Dooley and staff. Superb service.


Verified Review

Lifetime hearing clinic is amazing, My first visit & hearing exam/ Testing was a new experience for me, I was so nervous before my visit. Upon arriving I was greeted by one the staff members. So sweet, Then Heather Dooley the audiologist greeted me with a big smile. She was very nice. She explained everything before and after the testing about my hearing loss . She never pressured me at all . I got to sample the hearing aids. I wish I had went to them a long time ago . And now I just can't wait to get them . Thank you Heather so much for taking care of me with my need and especially your kindness. I left feeling like I had known Heather & the staff as friends I had known for a long time . I would recommend them to anyone that has hearing issues they take their time with you. Never pressured or rushed. They are 100% to me!


Verified Review

It has now been 11 months since I my first visit to Lifetime Hearing. I had known for years that I needed help, but getting hearing aids was one of the biggest decisions I have ever had to make. I heard all the stories of what a headache they are to maintain, the cost and so many people end up putting them in a drawer never to be worn again. I can now say my fears were unnecessary thanks to the staff at Lifetime. Yes, they are an investment, but the return is priceless. I had several visits to the office before finding MY comfort zone, so don't give up until you find yours. The staff is always so pleasant, encouraging and timely that those visits were a positive experience. Would I do it again if I had to start from scratch. Yes and 100% with Lifetime!


Verified Review

My husband and I have had the very best service from Lifetime clic. Heather, Joy and the staff are top of the line? Professional and patient with us old seniors.


Verified Review

I have enjoyed a 6 year patient relationship with Lifetime Hearing Clinic and it is the best of the best. It's staff is competent, friendly and available. Joy Kurtz Hearing Specialist provides understanding enjoyment of your new hearing aids. Although we live in Hendersonville their Lebanon office is worth the time to experience worthy service; Jim Beacham


Verified Review

This was my third hearing test. My first at life time hearing clinic. I have to say this was more comprehensive than my first two. Heather took her time explaining everything to me so I understood what my test showed about my hearing and my options for improving my hearing. Her assistant even cleaned my hearing aids even though I didn’t purchase them here. I look forward to having my new hearing aids fitted. Heather and her staff are great. Highly recommend


Verified Review

always very helpful and willing to work with you to get in at earliest time so you don’t have to wait


Verified Review

Dr Dooley and staff were friendly, professional, and thorough. Dr Dooley explained all facets of my hearing test and subsequent selection of hearing aids. The hearing test was much better than the one I had in 2017; using different situations where discrimination of sounds is necessary. Very Impressed!


Verified Review

Just want to acknowledge how great and down home feeling I always have had with the staff for the last 8&9years Helped me realize how to treat my hearing loss and practice good habits with my hearing care. Always giving me direction and the many choices for such an important time in life. So proud to have know Lifetime Hearing. Doug Haney


Verified Review

Absolutely amazing and professional! I would highly recommend to friends!!


Verified Review

Dr Heather is a wonderful human! She is so kind and caring. I went in with horrible ringing in my ears with no hope or ever affording hearing aids. Miss Heather assured me that one way or another she would fit me with some. Now a year later I have wonderful Bluetooth aids and no more ringing. Best decision I ever made was to make an appointment at hearing life. I 100% recommend Dr Dooley at hearing life in Lebanon Tennessee!!


Verified Review

Fast and friendly service. Staff is very knowledgeable and cares about my needs.


Verified Review

Worked with Joy for my consultation. She is awesome. Explained everything, answered questions and didn’t rush, even though there were a lot of patients there that day.


Verified Review

How Friendly everyone is. How I was Important to them. Helped me with everything from walking in. Doctor's are terrific Walked me through everything start to finish. If anyone has a question about your Hearing I recommen them. Thanks too everyone There Great Doctors and Staff. Thank You.


Verified Review

I very much appreciated how Dr. Dooley worked with me to determine where my hearing was currently and what I could expect from allowing her and her team to provide. In casual talk she determined some reasons for areas of my hearing loss and with the hearing text was able to share her observations and show me my options. There was zero pressure and no hard sell. She was thoughtful as to the expense and we both had the same choice in mind for hearing aids. I look forward to getting my aids soon and feel confident that she will make sure my hearing gains will be a great experience. I would definitely recommend Dr. Heather Dooley and her team. If you’re like me and look for customer service I would recommend this hearing clinic.


Verified Review

Lifetime Hearing is a wonderful clinic to visit. The staff is so friendly and helpful. Dr. Heather Dooley is the best! She took her time with me during my hearing test and explained the results clearly. She never made me feel rushed. I value her expertise and kindness. The technician who programmed my hearing aids was very knowledgeable. She also explained clearly how to operate my new hearing aids. She made sure I understood how to use the new technology involved with using them. Everyone at the office made me feel like a valued customer. I would definitely recommend Lifetime Hearing to a friend. In fact, I did just recommend the clinic to my best friend! A very satisfied customer, Jennie


Verified Review

Thanks for helping me today.  You are all so kind to me and helpful.  It is difficult for older people to manage hearing aids, computers and this tech stuff.  Hearing aids have been stressful for me but  you have made this journey fun and enjoyable--may as well laugh about it.  Thanks  Yvonne


Verified Review

I have been very impressed with Dr. Heather Dooley, Joy Kurtz, and the office staff at Lifetime Hearing Clinic.  They have tested me, given me an opportunity to try a pair of hearing aids, and, most importantly, answered all of my questions and explained everything about the different hearing aids.  I would definitely recommend this office because they never apply any pressure to buy hearing aids when you visit the office or at any time in the future.  They are there to assist you whenever you are ready.


Verified Review

I absolutely love Dr. Dooley! She is fantastic and so sweet and nice! She's professional and kind. Yes I have and will continue recommending this place to friends. :)


Verified Review

Every one is always friendly and nice.  They are always ready to help with any problem you may have.  I always enjoy talking with any of the staff!  I have recommended you to some of my friends!


Verified Review

Lifetime Hearing Clinic
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