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Sioux Falls Audiology Associates is a leading audiology clinic located in Sioux Falls, SD. The clinic is led by Dr. Mandy Rounseville-Norgaard, an experienced audiologist who has a personal connection to hearing loss, fueling her passion for helping others manage their hearing issues. The clinic offers a range of services including hearing tests, hearing aid repair, tinnitus management, earwax removal, and more. They follow evidence-based best practices, including the use of Real Ear Measurement, to ensure the best possible outcomes for their patients. The clinic is dedicated to helping patients maximize their listening potential and improve their quality of life. With a 5-star rating from over 40 reviews, Sioux Falls Audiology Associates is recognized for its commitment to patient satisfaction and better hearing outcomes.


4948 E. 57th Street Sioux Falls, SD 57108

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Sioux Falls Audiology Associates
Verified Patient Reviews

My experiences with Dr. Mandy have always been very helpful. She has always tried to accomodate my schedule since I live out of town.


Verified Review

Mandy, Lisa and team, Since the purchase in March 2022, you and your team have always exceeded my expectations with your knowledge and customer service. Thank you!! Richard Denison


Verified Review

I could not be more pleased with how I was treated by Dr. Mandy and her staff. My visit with Dr. Mandy was to replace my old hearing aids since they no longer were helping improve my hearing. Dr.Mandy took time to explain how they worked and care for them even though I have used hearing aids for years. If I was asked to recommend an audiologist Dr. Mandy would be who I suggest to go to.


Verified Review

Great place to go! Great staff! 👍


Verified Review

Great place. Dr. Mandy and staff do a wonderful job. Always making you feel welcome and care about you. They always go above and beyond. Thank you so much.


Verified Review

Dr. Mandy and her staff are amazing! They always welcome you with a smile on their faces. You never have to wait very long. Always answer questions that a person may have. I would recommend anyone to see her if they have issues with your hearing.


Verified Review

Dr Mandy is very good at what she does. She took a lot of time tuning and adjusting my hearing aides to better help my hearing. She genuinely cares about her patient's.


Verified Review

Great service by an experienced Audiologist.


Verified Review

Great place have been a long term patient and Dr Mandy has always been helpful in taking care of my hearing problems go see her you will be very happy


Verified Review

I was very impressed with Audiology Associates from the office manager, Lisa Ottmar, and Doctor of audiology, Mandy Norgaard. They not only were very professional, but were able to communicate calmly and effectively the results of the test, and the process of wearing and caring for my new hearing aids. Overall I had a very pleasant experience and I can’t believe all I had been missing out on over the last few years. Being able to hear again has given me a new lease on life. Thank you Audiology Associates. John Bjerke


Verified Review

Before I met Dr Mandy I could not hear knowing Dr Mandy has hearing difficulties I went to her clinic I couldn't be happier with my hearing I have the paradox hearing aids that go in my ear instead of behind the ear I love them and so will you give the doctor a try the service levels are excellent open your world by hearing again it's wonderful. Thankyou Mandy


Verified Review

Great service and should the need arise they are quick to respond. Would highly recommend a friend


Verified Review

I have been totally deaf in my right ear since I was a little girl. Throughout my life I have been to several hearing places and was told there is nothing they can do for me in that ear. Throughout my life I have had people asking if they are on my right side to talk to me. Some people would make fun telling people, you need to be on the other side to her to hear ya. I tried to not have it effect me but it really is not nice to make fun of someone that cannot hear. It really does hurt people's feelings. Finally I met up with Dr. Mandy at Sioux Falls Audiology and she has changed my life. New technology has hearing aids that can transmit from my bad ear to my good ear. It has changed my life tremendously. I do not go anywhere with out them. The staff there are so accommodating and helpful with any questions. Really like it there. Thanks so much for changing my life. I suggest anyone having issues to go to Sioux Falls Audiology.


Verified Review

I purchased hearing aids from an audiologist in Rapid City, SD. Follow up in Rapid City for adjustments left a lot to be desired. I researched audiologists in Sioux Falls and after doing some checking I called for an appointment with Dr. Mandy, Audiologist with Sioux Falls Audiology Associates. I was able to get an appointment with Dr. Mandy even though I purchased the hearing aids somewhere else. She was very caring and concerned about my hearing and the hearing aids. She corrected and adjusted the hearing aids for me. I have had a follow up with Dr. Mandy for some minor adjustments and she did everything needed. My hearing aids are working so much better and I am very pleased with the outcome. The charges I paid for her services were very reasonable. Give her a try. I am sure you will have very good results and a pleasing experience


Verified Review

I appreciate Dr Mandy’s expertise in helping me with my hearing aides and knowing I have a budget to work in. She is personable and the staff is so nice also.


Verified Review

You and your staff are always friendly and helpful. You always answer any questions and concerns that I may have.


Verified Review

The Dr is very knowledgeable and willing to answer all questions and the receptionist is friendly and helpful. They both take all the time needed to make sure everything is understood.  I would strongly recommend Dr Mandy to friends.


Verified Review

I would recommend Audiology Associates if you are having hearing issues.  Dr. Mandy is very thorough and explains the problem and what needs to be done.  On follow-up checkups she spends time with you and not only cares about your hearing issues but for you as a person.  She remembers conversations about your family.  Dr. Mandy makes appointment time a pleasant experience.


Verified Review

I absolutely love Dr. Mandy and Lisa at Audiology Associates. Lisa is so welcoming and just makes you feel right at home and Dr. Mandy is so knowledgeable  and caring about hearing loss and making sure you’re fit with just the right hearing devices. It is why I chose her because she also has hearing loss and knows how difficult it is. They both make you feel like family and I love that.


Verified Review

did an excellent job of restoring a lot of my hearing. been working with mandy 5 years now.


Verified Review

It is always pleasure to walk in to Sioux Falls Audioloy!! The service and care is top notch, I absolutely love my hearing aids.


Verified Review

When your family says you need heating aids, you listen, or at least try to. I reached out to Audiology & Associates, we set an appointment to discuss my issues and Dr Mandy tested my hearing and together it was determined that I needed hearing aids. We chose a set that best fit my needs. A week later I had questions and reached out, this time I was talking to the office manager that was also very helpful. They both made this as easy as it could be. I would recommend them to anyone.


Verified Review

If you are looking for someone to help you hear better, talk to Dr. Mandy. It doesn't matter if you have hearing aids or not, she can help. Dr Mandy is very patient and has the knowledge you are looking for. I enjoy seeing her when my hearing aids are not working the way I need. She can help.


Verified Review

Always a pleasure to go there. Nothing but smiles and very nice friendly people to work with.  Very knowledgeable in her field.


Verified Review

Thanks Dr. Mandy.  Enjoy working with you.  Always caring and concerned about the patients.  Helpful with any concerns.  Thanks.


Verified Review

Dr Mandy and staff are very knowledgeable and take the time also the patience to explain all of the features of your new hearing aids. They also have follow-up appointments to made sure everything is working like it's supposed to. I would highly recommend Dr Mandy and her friendly staff to anyone.


Verified Review

Very helpful and professional.


Verified Review

Great staff and awesome Dr. Mandy! Takes time to sit and talk with you about other things other than just hearing! Plus remembers things I have told her about a family member and asks how he is doing. So she is very personable and so is her office manager!! Great service!!!


Verified Review

Been with Mandy for about five years. She has always been ready to help me with any issues I have. With more hearing lost. To hearing aid issues. Very passionate about her business.


Verified Review

Great service and help!


Verified Review

Dr Mandy was  helpful in assisting me in adjusting to my new hearing aids & how to use all their features when I got them.  She also scheduled regular wellness checks.


Verified Review

I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Mandy. Very friendly, thorough, and I always leave feeling I received great care. I received my hearing aids 3 years ago and Dr.  Mandy and Lisa have been wonderful. I highly recommend her.


Verified Review

Sioux Falls Audiology Associates
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