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Dr. Olson, Dr. Balderas and Dr. Cook empower their patients by making hearing loss and treatment options easy to understand, so that you can be confident in knowing that you’re receiving the best treatment for you.The audiologists at Applied Hearing Solutions provide advanced audiological care you can trust. You will be seen by one of our experienced Doctors of Audiology in a calm and peaceful setting.


4045 E Union Hills Dr Suite #D128, Phoenix, AZ 85050

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Applied Hearing Solutions
Verified Patient Reviews

Always worth the ride ! We still drive 300 miles (one way) from Las Vegas for Dr. Cliff and the wonderful team at AH. I tried local Audiologists with disappointment but this office is special . Very comfortable yet comprehensive and thorough evaluation and overall care. The remote visits help too since we're far away. I am amazed as a physician myself with the care especially these days where the personal touch is rare. I'll be back


Verified Review

I don't live in the Phoenix area but decided to do a virtual consultation. The consultation took less than 45 minutes and I learned more than I did from an audiologist in my home city. My hearing test was explained to me as well as a few hearing aids that would address my hearing loss. If you live in Phoenix, consider yourself lucky and make Applied Hearing Solutions your choice! If not, consider the virtual consultation as it's well worth it.


Verified Review

Dr. Rachel Cook is very pleasant and thorough when I come in to service my hearing aids. She gently cleans out all the excess wax in my ears, cleans and replaces the parts on the hearing devices and it makes a big difference in my hearing. I will be coming in every 4 - 6 months and the price is very reasonable. Thanks Rachel, Gary Petros


Verified Review

I have watched Dr. Cliff's video's for literally years. I stumbled on his YouTube channel doing a Google search for "unbiased reviews" of different hearing aids (I lost some hearing at 45, and I am 56 now). His videos are super informative if you haven't seen them yet, you're missing out on a wealth of info on all topics of hearing loss! I live mostly in Seattle but have a home in Arizona and recently jumped into AHS as a patient! I have seen Dr. Cliff and Dr. Baldaras & they are both, thoughtful, thorough and professional. I am now happily installed into a new pair of hearing aids and am able to see the doctors remotely if needed, after a couple of in-person visits. Shout out to the front desk staff, they are amazing!! If you aren't SUPER happy with your current audiologist and are looking for a new doctor with a great staff, come see Dr. Cliff. Guaranteed you will not regret it!


Verified Review

I would highly recommend Applied Hearing Solutions to anyone in need of hearing treatment. I have had the pleasure of being treated by Dr. Olson for several years now. Not only is he VERY qualified but he truly cares about his patients hearing health. First rate business! Dave Rasley


Verified Review

I highly recommend Dr Olsen and Dr Balderas. Their attention to detail and personalized care has made a huge difference in my ability to hear correctly. Their precise prescription and adjustments have improved my listening experience, from video conferences to group hikes. I am always greeted with a smile and leave their office feeling even better. You can get a hearing aid anywhere, but the exceptional care provided by this team is unmatched. I am incredibly grateful.


Verified Review

The Applied Hearing Solutions staff is very kind, patient, and knowledgeable! I don't think I have ever been to a more professional and warm office!


Verified Review

Thanks to Dr. Balderas and the staff at AH my new Phonak hearing aids are making a remarkable, wonderful difference not only to me but to my family as well. From my initial appointment to my follow-up visits AH has been great to work with. Appointments are easy to make, staff is courteous and friendly and Dr. Balderas works hard to make sure I’m getting optimum results from my hearing aids. AH is tops and I highly recommend their clinic.


Verified Review

Going to Applied Hearing in Phoenix has always been a pleasurable experience. The staff is extremely polite and friendly (I look forward to the free cup of coffee!). Dr. Cliff and other practitioners are thorough and bring the patient into the process by explaining all tests and results. I have extensive ear wax between visits and the staff carefully clean out each ear for me, something that I previously had to ask an ENT doctor to perform for me. State of the art equipment and processes provide a great sense of safety and trust for me.


Verified Review

Dr. Olson and his staff take the extra time to insure your hearing aids are fit and programmed to meet your needs. He provides you with extensive testing not found in big box stores, or most audiologists. He has a large library of videos that will help you in understanding the process to maximize the benefits of prescription hearing aids. I highly recommend you take time to educated yourself. Hearing aids are one of the most important decisions you will make towards improving your quality of life. I cared for an elder parent and witnessed what happens when a patient is not provided the best care possible. He simply quit wearing them even after several trips to a big box store and private audiologist, he was understandably frustrated with wearing devices that did not meet his needs. I highly recommend using Applied Hearing Solutions when seeking professional hearing care.


Verified Review

My experiences are great. I have always seen Dr. Olson and admired his knowledge and patience. My last two visits were with Dr. Cook. She too, was thorough and kind. I have faith in Applied Hearing Solutions and would not go anywhere else.


Verified Review

My consultation with Dr. Cook was a positive experience; she was thorough, knowledgeable, and pleasant. I would recommend Applied Hearing to a friend or family member.


Verified Review

As most, I found Dr. Cliff Olson via his YouTube presence. I made the decision to travel 350 miles from Las Vegas, NV, and received the most thorough examination I have ever experienced in 13 years of wearing hearing aides. With very poor speech recognition score on my left side, Dr. Olson recommended cochlear evaluation and BiCROS amplification with custom earmold in the right ear. The extensive library of videos in advance of my visit and Dr. Olson's guidance helped me in selecting the devices and accessories for my immediate needs and have already made immense impact. My follow-up visits have continued to fine tune with REM and input on my experiences with my Phonak HA, the Roger ON and the TV Streamer (well worth getting!). The office is well designed, modern and comfortable. And the entire staff are friendly, smiling and helpful. Traveling to get quality care has been well worth it! I will begin the process for cochlear evaluation in Las Vegas, again aided by videos and input from Dr. Olson, Dr. Cook and Kelsey Beck (Everyone's Favorite!). Jim K., Las Vegas, NV


Verified Review

I have been going to Dr. Cliff for several years. He took the time to make necessary adjustments to my Phonak aids, for my Profound hearing loss. His process is excellent making small adjustments at time allowing me to adjust to each new level. Also was great when I dropped one aid and smashed the ceramic ear mold. They took me right, gave me a loaner dome, and sent out for a new mold to be made. Love these guys!


Verified Review

I always enjoy the professional and individual care from Leslie and your entire staff. I feel very comfortable asking any questions about my hearing aids or my hearing issues. Answers always come in a clear understandable way. I have referred your company to quite a few friends and I know 2 are already clients.


Verified Review

Dr. Cliff is very helpful with my care and Ashley and the office is very patient with us and is very nice. Always nice to go when you have a care team that cares!


Verified Review

Highly responsive, solution focused client service ! Diane and Savannah dealt with a product manufacturer, solved my problem, and communicated timely. The folks at Applied Hearing are always so professional, friendly and solution oriented. I highly recommend Applied Hearing Solutions !


Verified Review

Have been working with Dr. Olson for over 3 years and I would highly recommend him. I have been dealing with hearing issues since I broke my eardrum as a teenager. I struggled with understanding speech all my adult life. I tried several different hearing aids and devices over the years with no luck. They were all glorified amplifiers. I needed clarity not more volume. Once again in 2019, I was trying to determine if there was new technology out on the market that would help my condition. I was struggling significantly in work and home settings understanding colleagues, clients, and family. I found Dr. Olson on the internet and decided he and his system may be able to help. My wife and I met with Dr. Olson and he determined that I had a reverse-slope hearing loss. He said that it was difficult to treat with hearing aids but he would give it a try. Within a month of getting my new hearing aids, I was ecstatic! He worked with me to fix all of my hearing challenges. I now know that hearing aids are only a part of my hearing solution. The diligent efforts of Dr. Olson and his team using Real Ear Measurements and ongoing care are the difference makers. Russ Biehl


Verified Review

In today's world it's highly uncommon to find a doctor that will give the patient the time to actually treat their issues. In the hearing business it's even more rare since many of us have bought aids from dispensers that test you, sell you, and hand you the box and send you on your way, with your preprogrammed aids. Good luck with that approach!! Dr Cliff and his entire office are the exceptions to that time tested ruse. Imagine going to an audiologist that actually will fine tune your aids to your hearing loss and work with you to get the best possible end result. Dr. Cliff and his practice are a cut above the norm in the business and I can attest to their dedication to improving your hearing since I had an unusual loss that plagued me for years and he had the expertise to treat my issues and has made a BIG difference in my life. Thanks, Dr. Cliff!!


Verified Review

I’ve only had my hearing aids for a week now, so I’m still adjusting to them, but I am surprised at how quickly I am adapting to them. My provider is Kelsey Beck and she has been awesome at working with me to get the most out of my devices. She is very patient, focused, and wants the very best for her patients.


Verified Review

Wonderful experience. Dr Cook is so knowledgeable and understanding. All the testing and questioning is so complete that she got a very detailed picture of my issues. Dr Cliff sat in on my second appointment, and he was such a pleasure, too. The office staff is welcoming and courteous. Couldn’t have been a better experience.


Verified Review

The entire staff is very caring and knowledgeable. I appreciate the way they explain the science of what they're doing to restore my hearing and protect my cognitive abilities.


Verified Review

Applied Hearing is Professional. Very knowledgeable and above all friendly and caring. I love this place. Also a spotless environment


Verified Review

Very clean friendly environment. Savannah at the front desk was great. Bubbly personality. I usually see Dr. Cliff Olsen, but saw Kelsey my last visit. She was great also. Yes I would recommend you.


Verified Review

It has been a pleasure working with Dr. Balderas. From the initial testing and evaluation to hearing aid delivery to follow up, she has been informative, responsive and very pleasant. Definitely 5 stars.


Verified Review

Applied Hearing Solutions
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