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The West Chester branch of Aberdeen Audiology, formerly known as ABC Hearing, is located at 790 E Market St. The team of audiologists, including Dr. Brooke Craig, Dr. Kristen Sabatino, Dr. Shelby Dossick, and Alexandra Taylor, offer a range of services such as APD treatment, hearing aid fittings, balance assessments, hearing tests, tinnitus treatment, and cochlear implant mapping and programming. The team is committed to providing high-quality, personalized care to help patients improve their hearing and overall quality of life.


790 E Market St #180, West Chester, PA 19382

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(610) 431-2411

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Verified Patient Reviews

I am writing to express my appreciation to the folks at the West Chester office. The professionalism and friendly service is tops. Most of us with hearing loss are seniors and have difficulty with some of the new tools used in the care and maintenance of our hearing aids. Sensivity to this is so appreciated. I would gladly recommend Aberdeen to anyone with a hearing problem.


Verified Review

The audiologist was so nice and help me with my hearing aid questions and got my I Phone synced for me. Very nice and friendly staff A+++++ Barb


Verified Review

I've now seen both Doctors at Aberdeen Audiology in West Chester. I found both of them to be very caring, professional and competent. I highly recommend this office if you are in need.


Verified Review

The staff is polite, professional and doesn’t waste time. My emails were answered very quickly. I was given a thorough review of my options, the sales process was explained well. I would definitely recommend the practice.


Verified Review

Prompt getting an appointment same day and directly into office. Dr. Brooks professional and friendly bedside manner


Verified Review

I am so grateful that I reached out to Aberdeen Audiology for my hearing aid issue. I called in the morning and was able to get an appointment the same day. My issue was resolved with great professionalism and overall care.


Verified Review

Was taken in immediately, the hearing test was great, they cleaned and serviced my hearing aids, they are all so nice and friendly. Thank you!


Verified Review

These folks are the best ! They are top notch and very easy to work with.


Verified Review

Kind and caring. Interested in my well being. Would absolutely recommend Aberdeen to a friend. Joanne R. Proko


Verified Review

I’m writing this as I always have had almost instant service from front desk and waiting is very short and on time wit appointments made. If possible the staff fixes if possible while I’m there. Glad I found and use Aberdeen


Verified Review

All of the people in the office are friendly, very easy to talk to and as a team, work together very efficiently. Dr. Brooke was very clear about the state of my hearing and made seamless upgrades to my hardware in no time at all. No pressure to upgrade. I'll continue to stay with them - this team is great! Would absolutely recommend them to friends and family!


Verified Review

Great experience, very helpful in aiding me thru insurance claim paper work. Dr. Sabatino was knowledgable and very informative. Would not hesitate to recommend


Verified Review

Most welcoming, competent, efficient, pleasant, Brook Craig AUD.


Verified Review

Dr Brooke is thorough and very knowledgeable. Gave me multiple options to consider for my specific needs.


Verified Review

My experience with Aberdeen Audiology has been a pleasure. I am greeted with a smile by a talented group of professionals who are pleasant, focused and attentive to my requests. This very competent group of professionals has made every visit a pleasure..


Verified Review



Verified Review

The shop is gorgeous and the staff is so friendly. Dr. Brook took very good care of me and I feel very confident in her diagnosis and treatment. I would heartily recommend her if you have any question about your hearing.


Verified Review

I came to Aberdeen Audiology because my kids were teasing me about not be able to hear. I would tell them that it was because they mumble. This back and forth exchange went on for a few years until my friends started noticing it too. Everyone told me - Go here or there, the hearing aids are really inexpensive. Well, my sister went to a big box store for hers and is not satisfied. I knew that if I needed hearing aids, I would want the support of qualified professionals. I don't regret one second of choosing Aberdeen Audiology. Dr. Sabatino took time to explain everything and I really felt I got that one on one time I desired. I would recommend this practice to anyone who is wondering, Is it me? or Are they just mumbling? I have also learned how important hearing health is to the rest of your body. This is a commitment worth every penny.


Verified Review

Funny thing about procrastination......those days are lost forever, and you don't exactly realize that until you've finally taken the steps to get yourself fixed. Such is the case for me and my need to fix my (denied) hearing loss. But in 2019, with Dr. Tom and Dr. Brooke, I humbled myself to let them fix me. Life, attitude, capability enhancing -- all because of hearing aids, which they patiently introduced me to and annually discuss & re-tune with me. Now, I simply look forward to my annual visits. The message: don't procrastinate or make excuses; they have the answer and the patience.


Verified Review

Dr. Brook was very responsive to our request to check my husband's hearing. She was knowledgeable and patient centric.


Verified Review

My husband and I are both seniors. Brooke Jamgochian Au. D. has been following our hearing for the past few years. We now have plans to get hearing aids within the next year. Our visits have been surprisingly enjoyable. The audiologist explains hearing issues very well. She also researches and explains our insurance. We've appreciated the fact that she's not pushy in any way. Maybe getting hearing aids won't be so bad after all.


Verified Review

Yes I would definitely recommend this practice. Dr. Brooke. is amazing. And I wouldn’t go anywhere else for hearing aids when you call they always make it work. And always have no problem solving the problem. Cookie and Lauren the receptionist are awesome also.


Verified Review

The office is always welcoming and professional! They are responsive and thorough! Thank you!!


Verified Review

I have been having my hearing checked and my hearing aid serviced by Aberdeen for several years. They have always provided good service in a friendly atmosphere. Hearing tests are performed annually and results are compared to previous tests to identify any changes that may have occurred. Hearing aids are also regularly to verify they are still performing as required. I would recommend this service to anyone.


Verified Review

Always courteous, their appointments are on time, Dr. Craig can generally make the necessary repairs to my hearing aids while I'm there or will provide a loaner if parts need to be ordered or sent out for repair. ..... A good choice! TWM


Verified Review

The audiologists are knowledgeable and thorough.


Verified Review

Excellent care . Excellent staff. Very professional


Verified Review

Dr Jamgochian is very good in all area of the examination. She answered my questions thoroughly and programmed my hearing aids so I now hear properly I am very happy with the appointment


Verified Review

The Aberdeen Audiology office in West Chester, Pa. has become my primary office for help with my hearing concerns. As a hearing aid wearer for about 20 years I have experienced about 7 other audiologists offices in the area. The West Chester office is a subsidiary of Aberdeen audiology in Devon (also a great facility) but West Chester is much more convenient for me. The staff is wonderful, helpful and accommodating. I have found Dr. Brooke to be knowledgeable, disciplined in adjustments to the aids, friendly and understanding of issues. She also understand equipment which is primary in recommending a device and future care. Great office as well.


Verified Review

Accessibility to questions answered. Would recommend to a friend.


Verified Review

I had a problem with total access to my ear aids. I called Aberdeen Audiology and on short notice I was able to see Doc. Brooke within a couple hours. She fixed everything while showing me how to do it. Not that I am confident I can do it by myself if it happens again.


Verified Review

Accessibility professionalism of the staff and friendly atmosphere. They take an effort to remember your name. Don't always find that important quality. Thank you to all. Frank Brennan


Verified Review

Aberdeen Audiology
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